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Precautions for the use of seaweed fertilizer

First of all, the concentration of seaweed fertilizer sprayed on the leaves should be moderate. Within a certain concentration range, the speed and quantity of nutrients entering the leaves will increase with the increase of the solution concentration, but too high concentration is prone to fertilizer damage, especially trace element fertilizers.

Secondly, the time for foliar spraying seaweed fertilizer should be appropriate. When the leaves are fertilized, the longer the wetting time, the more nutrients the leaves absorb and the better the effect. Therefore, foliar fertilization is carried out in the evening when there is no wind; spraying fertilizer in the morning with dew will reduce the concentration of the solution and affect the effect of fertilization. Foliar topdressing is not allowed on rainy days or before rain, because nutrients are easily leached and cannot achieve the desired effect. If it rains 3 hours after spraying, spray it once when it is sunny, but the concentration should be appropriately reduced. Once again, the spray should be even, meticulous, and thoughtful. Foliar fertilization requires small droplets and uniform spraying, especially the upper leaves and the backsides of the leaves that grow vigorously.


The number of sprays of seaweed fertilizer should not be too few, and there should be intervals. The concentration of crop topdressing fertilizer is generally low, and the absorption amount each time is very small, which is much lower than the demand of crops. Therefore, the number of foliar fertilization should generally not be less than 2 to 3 times. At the same time, the interval should be at least one week, and the number of sprays should not be too much to prevent harm.


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