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Some wrong fertilization methods for crop field fertilization

Whether corn can be high-yield or not, it has a great relationship to fertilization during the growth period of corn. In order to make a high and stable yield and improve the economic benefits of corn, corn growers need to master corn fertilization skills. How to fertilize corn to achieve high yield? According to the survey, many farmers’ friends said, there are still 3 problems existing:


1: The time is too late. Farmers are accustomed to topdressing before and after tasseling, but they don’t know that they have missed it.

2: Bombardment type fertilization. When planting, apply all the fertilizer to the plants at one time.

3: Fertilizing according to the weather but not the plants. Regardless of the growth characteristics of corn, but fertilizing after rain.


In these three situations, it is difficult to obtain high yields of corn.


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